Pandora Capital

We search through US stocks to bring you actionable investment ideas. We focus on dividend stocks with attractive valuations, backed by cash-generative assets. Our investment ideas are always backed by fundamental analysis.

Pandora's Top Ideas

Our top picks include stocks with the most attractive risk-return profile. These generally feature stocks with high dividend income which are mispriced, offering the potential for capital appreciation. We regularly update our "top ideas" stocks to reflect changes in market prices and revised operational projections.

Pandora's Core Sectors

Here at Pandora, we focus our attention on sectors that can provide high dividend income secured by cash generative assets. Explore these sectors, which provide attractive income and potential for capital appraciation.

Latest Pandora Research

We regularly publish research articles on key stocks in our "core" sectors. All our research reports are backed by in-depth analysis and financial modeling, which we make available to our "premium" subscribers.